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Sabi Sabi Game Lodge

Since 1978 guests from all parts of the world have been enthralled by Africa's fabled wildlife in their natural habitat at Sabi Sabi Safari lodge , situated in the world-renowned 65,000 hectare Sabi Sands in the southern section of the Kruger National Park of South Africa.

Specially-trained, armed Game Rangers and Trackers will take you on safari in open land rovers - both by day and night - and on walking trails, learning about some 300 bird species and 200 animal species, including lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephant and cheetah, tracked and followed off-road, deep into the African bushveld - a Nature Wonderland.

At Sabi Sabi safari lodge hotel you may choose your accommodation from 4 luxurious, air-conditioned, all-suite award-winning* lodges. Experience the different atmospheres of yesterday, at the turn-of-the-century, lantern lit, magical Selati Camp (8 suites), today, at the contemporary Bush Lodge (25 suites) or the newest addition Little Bush Camp (6 suites) and tomorrow, at the internationally-acclaimed Earth Lodge (13 suites) - voted by Conde Naste Traveller USA as one of the top 52 new hot spots for 2002.

The recommended stay is 3 to 4 days for an unforgettable African experience which will remain deep in your soul forever. Sabi Sabi is an hour's flight from Johannesburg International Airport directly to it's own private airfield or via Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. Alternatively you can opt for a scenic 5-hour chauffeured or self-drive from Johannesburg.

Sabi Sabi safari Camp is truly one of the best safari lodges in the heart of the Kruger National Park and are proud to recommend our clients to stay at one of South Africa's best luxury safari lodges - Sabi Sabi safari camp !

Sabi Sabi Luxury Safaris

South Africa intrigues everyone who is lucky enough to experience its power and magic. The concept of 'Safari' conjures up images of adventure, thrilling landscapes and absorbing wildlife. Sabi Sabi Game Lodges are located in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve which is adjacent to the Kruger Park. Safaris in this part of South Africa are extraordinarily rewarding as all of the fences between the Kruger National Park and its surrounding reserves have been removed. Whilst staying at Sabi Sabi you will experience the ultimate in luxury safaris in the Kruger Park.

The advantage of Sabi Sabi Kruger Park Safaris also stems from the fact that animals on the Reserve have not been hunted for over half a century. Because they have become habituated, they perceive the outline of a vehicle carrying humans as non-threatening.

Tourists can therefore look forward to luxury safaris in the Kruger Park which offer the unique experience of being driven extraordinarily close to the large mammals which, despite being totally wild, continue unperturbed in their natural patterns of hunting, feeding, mating and suckling. Kruger Park safaris take place each morning and evening in open Land rovers which drive through a wide variety of habitats, allowing you to view the vast interactions of the wild. After breakfast, guests on guided walking trails can experience the natural environment on foot. The dedicated, skilled and passionate Rangers lead you to discover miracles of Nature you may never have dreamed existed.

Morning Safari

A knock on your door from the Ranger will wake you before first light, while the kitchen brews hot coffee or tea, and prepares cool fruit juices with a muffin or rusk on the side. So begin the morning Kruger Park safaris.

Early morning is the time of day for bird choruses, and the rising sunlight dances off beads of dew on spiders' webs. The Tracker will watch the road for spoor, leaning forward intently to find any print left by a predator during its hunt in the dark. There may be hushed discussions in Tsonga between Ranger and Tracker, and brief radio interactions from one vehicle to another. Sharing information ensures that the occupants of each Landrover have the best chance of a wide range of sightings - and also ensures control and responsible behaviour as vehicles move in close to the animals.

Morning Walk

Renowned for luxury safaris, the Kruger Park isn't all about relaxing game drives and poolside dining. Opportunities for education and adventure are definitely on the cards for those interested in Kruger Park safaris. On the morning safari walk you will be part of a small group that sets out on foot after breakfast. The walk is an opportunity to experience wild life at close quarters.

Sabi Sabi boasts approximately 350 different species of birds. Their nests and calls are fascinating. There is an endless diversity of trees, shrubs and flowering plants, and whatever the time of year, no two walks are ever remotely the same.

Evening Safari

Get ready for luxury safaris in the Kruger Park - As the fierce heat of the day cools, animals move out of the shade of the trees, and birds increase the volume of their song. In the late afternoon, the call of the Crested Francolin reverberates through the Bushveld. You will be aware of colours softening to beautiful, gentle hues that vary with each season. New scents fill the air as the sun dips behind the horizon. The Ranger will choose a spot where you can stretch your legs and enjoy sundowners alongside the vehicle. The dusk period tends to be quieter. There is a lull as the animals sense the transition into a time of increased danger. It is during evening Kruger Park safaris that the nocturnal hunters start stirring, and their prey needs to be alert for survival through the night.

During your Kruger Park safaris you may be lucky enough to watch a lion or his pride prepare for the evening hunt. Their long bodies stretch to ease muscles cramped from lying in the shade during the day; claws are sharpened and sinews lengthened against a tree; vegetation is marked with urine, and the wind sniffed for scents; only then do they set off in a slow, loose-jointed, arrogant amble.

On your evening Kruger Park safaris, with the help of the spotlight, a leopard's eyes may reflect back from a tree. Other smaller predators that are often encountered at night include the genet, African Civet and African Wild Cat. Bushbabies are nocturnal primates that feed on insects and fruits. Their large eyes shine red in the light.

Whilst staying at Sabi Sabi you will experience the greatest Kruger Park safaris on offer. The greatest draw card is that at Sabi Sabi - luxury safaris in the Kruger Park are the name of the game.

Sabi Sabi Lodges

At Sabi Sabi you may choose your accommodation from 4 luxurious, air-conditioned, all-suite award-winning* lodges. Experience the different atmospheres of yesterday, at the turn-of-the-century, lantern lit, magical Selati Camp (8 suites), today, at the contemporary Bush Lodge (25 suites) or the newest addition Little Bush Camp (6 suites) and tomorrow, at the internationally-acclaimed Earth Lodge (13 suites) - voted by Conde Naste Traveller USA as one of the top 52 new hot spots for 2002.

Today the line is disused but the old railbed can still be seen in the north-eastern section of Sabi Sabi, close to Selati Camp. Sabi Sabi's intimate all-suite Selati Camp, furnished with a historic Railway theme and 19th century charm, meticulously created as an authentic home in the bush, is the most unforgettable of all African experiences. The railway theme extends from original steam engine name plates, signals and other memorabilia in the lounge, to collector's pieces in each room and shunter's lamps lighting the way to your suite.

Originally created without electricity to preserve the ambience, Selati Camp now has overhead fans and air-conditioning, while the camp is still lit at night by the gentle flicker of oil lamps, the warm glow of fires and the spectacular canopy of the Southern night sky.

Selati Camp at Sabi Sabi

The Selati Camp offers eight luxury thatched suites, each with full bathroom en-suite and private alfresco shower, blend perfectly into the surrounding bush. Home-cooked cuisine is served on decks built over the river-bed, in the open air "boma" or in the "farmhouse kitchen".

The Selati Camp also offers premier accommodation in the sumptuous and spacious Ivory Presidential Suite. It offers turn of the 19th century colonial grandeur in the form of original antiques, a draped four-poster bed, private terrace, and fireplace. The magnificent en-suite bathroom, complete with Persian carpet and antique chaise-longue, also features a very private pool and safaris. The separate dressing room features an antique wardrobe and dressing table. Selati combines turn of the century elegance with personalised safari luxury - a rare quality of life experience.

Bush Lodge at Sabi Sabi

Bush Lodge is set in the heart of the Sabi Sabi bushveld overlooking a water-hole and an African plain. At each of our lodges, you will luxuriate in uncompromising high standards of service, efficiency and personalised attention - all in an informal atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. Each air-conditioned thatched suite features exquisite ethnic d├ęcor in keeping with the bushveld environment.

The lodge features artistically designed open courtyards with spectacular wooden carvings by renowned South African sculptors, created from wood salvaged from the bushveld.

Mandleve Suite at Bush Lodge is an ultra-luxury suite perfect for honeymooners. It encompasses a large suite, open plan lounge and spacious bathroom with outside shower. Private pool, safari, personal attendant plus in room dining.

Earth Lodge at Sabi Sabi

Sculpted deep in to the earth. Almost invisible in the landscape. Inspired by the textures, colours and shapes of the natural world. Here, you are at one with the wilderness. A corridor leads you down, on a journey beneath the ground, to an experience unique and unforgettable. Your entrance brings you to an uninterrupted bushveld panorama.

A sense of peace consumes you. You are cocooned in luxury, inspiration and grace. There are twelve suites only, in addition to the Amber Suite. Each is attended by a Private Butler and is appointed with specially commissioned furnishings, a secluded plunge pool and open air shower. The natural sculptures of Geoffrey Armstrong add a powerful magic. The Amber Suite is generous beyond belief in its dimensions and boasts its own exercise room, steam room, study and kitchen. It captures art and luxury in one unique experience.

The boma, its walls sculpted from roots and built up piece by piece, captures the drama of an African night and embraces the power of the wilderness.

You can renew yourself in this place. The Earth Nature Spa and exercise centre. Massages, natural therapies or a classic spa. A secluded library. Art gallery. Meditation garden. Everything has been created for your indulgence.

Dining in a subterranean cellar will be a celebration you are not likely to forget. Your own armed and knowledgeable Game Ranger and Shangaan Tracker will take you deep into the bushveld by open land rover or on foot. Close enough to share in a thrilling encounter with Africa's beautiful wild creatures.

Little Bush Camp at Sabi Sabi

Hidden on the banks of the Msuthu River lies the newest addition to Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve's family of 5-Star lodges, Little Bush Camp. The warmth and vibrancy of Bush Lodge, combined with an intimacy and seclusion makes this an ideal bush retreat for friends, families or small groups.

Home to six luxurious suites, all overlooking the riverbed, Little Bush Camp boasts all the features of an exceptional bush lodge - beautiful setting, excellent cuisine and abundant wildlife.

All suites are fully equipped and feature contemporary African design, complete with air conditioning, double beds, en-suite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers and private viewing decks. Thatched roofs, draped mosquito nets and wooden and stone finishes complete the picture of an exclusive getaway.

Adventurous wildlife safaris both day and night tracking the Big 5 off-road and viewing up to 200 species of animals and 300 bird species, from open Land Rovers in the company of a qualified game ranger and tracker, make for a truly memorable experience, and the highlight of your holiday.

Sabi Sabi Weather / Dress Code

Any time of year is a good time to visit Sabi Sabi, as each season has its own wonders in the Bush. Spring and summer are our rainy seasons, which in turn makes the bush green, lush and thick. It is also the time of year where there are many newborn animals.

Autumn and winter are dry, the bush is less dense and with a lack of water, animals frequent waterholes more often.

What To Bring to Sabi Sabi

  • Dress completely informal
  • Neutral colours recommended
  • Windbreaker or warm jacket for winter and night safaris
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Swimming costume - each lodge has a cool filtered pool
  • Binoculars and camera

Please note that Sabi Sabi is situated within a Malaria area. It is recommended that guests consult their physicians.

Sabi Sabi Location

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is an unspoilt part of South Africa ecologically and geographically integrated with the adjacent Kruger National Park. It is situated within one of the oldest and largest proclaimed private reserves - the renowned Sabi Sands.

Sabi Sabi lies 500 km east of Johannesburg, 800 km north east of Durban and 200 km west of Maputo in Mozambique. It lies on the same latitude as Sao Paulo and Brisbane and the same longitude as Cairo, Istanbul and St.Petersburg.

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